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tv24.fi launched in Finland

tv24.fi is now officially launched in Finland, covering Finnish channels such as YLE1, YLE2, YLE Teema, MTV3, MTV3 Max, MTV3 Fakta and 50 other channels. The iPhone app climbed up to the Top 5 Free in App Store one week after the launch. The app is also available on Android.

Press releases:

tv24.fi mobiilisovellus kirii ykköseksi App Storessa

tv24.fi- mobiilisovellus haastaa perinteiset TV-oppaat

iPhone-droid.com has done a review of the updated ‘TV Listings for Android’ app, check it out here.

TV-Listings for Android featured on Mobclix

TV-Listings for Android PRO screenshotOne of our most popular products TV-Listings for Android was today featured on the Mobclix blog.

Image from AndroidZoom.

We’ve gotten reports from some people that our paid apps were not visible on certain device / firmware combos. Obviously, this not beeing good, we spent a couple of days of looking into this. Meanwhile, Cullen Cook, a tech-savvy Android user was doing his own research on the matter and had found a solution that he was nice enough to email us. In short: if you use Copy Protection for your apps, they won’t be available for newer devices. We’re not going to repost the full description of the problem here, but will instead just link to his site where the solution can be found.

It’s official: Women With Droids prefer TV-Guide USA

A nice review (with screenshots) by Renee, the woman with a droid, can be found here: www.womenwithdroids.com.

TV-Guide USA launched on both iPhone and Android

TV-Guide USA

We are proud to present our brand new app TV-Guide USA – now available on both iPhone and Android. It has been a lot more work than we expected to get this one out, but we are now happy to have a first version out in both Android Market and in App Store.

Many of our users have been waiting for a TV-Guide for the US-market. However, it required some extra effort to make this happen because of the huge amount of channel and program data that’s available in the US. TV-Guide USA supports over 12 000 channels and thousands of providers (Digital/Cable/OTA).

Please download the app and try it out for yourself. We will update the app regularly with more nice features and improvements.

Please also check our special web site for TV-Guide USA:


Gartner predicts Android will have 20% market share in 2012

The latest research from Gartner tells us that they believe Android will have close to 20% of the global smartphone market as soon as 2012. This compared to iPhone, which they predict will have to settle for 13,6%. The future will tell whether Gartner got it right, but either way, it shows that they at least believe (a lot) in the platform.

Interesting stuff, read the article in full here (swedish only unfortunately).

New TV channels added to TV-Guide UK

New channels

Today we are proud to present 20 new TV channels that will be instantly available in all our of UK TV-Guides.

On the iPhone this includes:

And on Android this means:

(Wow, we are so imaginative with names!) Anyways, enjoy!

M3 Magazine Logo Well, the rather long header says it all. In their latest issue, M3 Digital World magazine lists ”The 101 best apps for Android”… and we made it onto the top 10 in the entertainment category!

Thanks for the vote of confidence M3, we love you too.

Read the full story and review here: http://m3.idg.se/2.1022/1.255869

TV-Guide featured on Swedroid

Swedroid, one of the biggest Android sites in Sweden just posted a pretty extensive review of TV-Guide.
Read it in full here: http://www.swedroid.se/tv-guide-sweden

Thumbs up for TV-Guide UK from Android App Review Source

The first review of TV-Guide UK for Android just got posted on Android App Review Source.

We won’t copy-paste it all, but some highlights were:

”Overall, this is app will save you lots of time searching to see what’s on TV.”


”If it was available [in the US; our note] I would personally purchase this app for sure.”

Read the full review here.

Big day today – TV-Guide UK for Android launched!

Finally we managed to find of a reliable provider of TV listings data for the UK and British Android users can now start enjoying what Germans and Swedes have had for almost a month now.

You can find the application by searching for TV-Guide UK in Android Market. As all TV-Guides by Jersey, it comes in two flavours: the free-but-ad-supported-version and the $1.99-version without any ads.

For those who haven’t been blessed with an Android device but want to see the app, here are some screenshots:

TV-Guide Germany now available in Android Market

With Germans being one of the biggest buyers of Android phones in Europe (and one of the first to get support for paid applications) we decided that Germany was a good place to launch the TV-Guide.

Initial download numbers have been quite high and it looks like it will overtake TV-Guide Sweden within the next day or two. The Swedes still don’t have an Android phone on the market, so the comparison is maybe not 100% fair, but still – go Germany!

Android version of Swedish TV-Guide launched

TV-Guide Sweden was today published in the Android Market. Interest is expected to be low at this point, since no phones based on Android have been launched in Sweden yet.

But… in spite of low download numbers, we are proud of a couple of things, three of which we’ll share now:

1) We are very happy with how the app turned out. We (and our initial users) think TV-Guide Sweden is great!
2) TV-Guide Sweden is the only TV listings application available for Android.
3) TV-Guide Sweden is one of the first swedish applications in the Market. There were maybe 5 or 6 others at the time of posting.

Anyway, we like Android so be on the lookout for more apps signed Jersey Productions in the market soon.

Oh and don’t forget to download the application (Search for TV-Guide Sweden in The Market), or at least take a look at the screenshots.